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George Kelly: Vocal, Guitar, Slide Guitar 
Bill Gaff: Organ
Paul Finazzo: Bass 
Dave Taylor: drums

Desert Island

Wanna be marooned on a desert island
Enchanted by the waves
Surrounded by the silence
Make a clean escape
Been too long in civilization
I got to get away

Wanna be marooned on a desert island
Far away from here
Do some laughing, do some crying
Shake off the tension, lose the fear
Get some soul restoration
Even though it may take years

There has got to be some asylum for me
I've just about OD'd on the 21st century
Nervous system's frazzled, information overload
I think it's just about time to head on down the road

Going to escape to a desert island
Before it's too late for me
Gonna get away from the rage and violence
Sit in silence by the sea
Gonna have my own utopia, a silent society

Gonna be marooned on a desert island
 Have a long, long vacation
Set on the beach in twilight
I'm gonna sever all relations
Far from the madding crowd
In total isolation