About the Song 

The lyrical concept came from visiting an old friend who lived alone and had some walls covered with pictures and mementos. Totally covered. With no empty spaces.  

Thinking about it later, I imagined what it would be like if all the photos were gone (and all the spaces were empty), leaving the outlines of the picture frames on the wall.  

It’s all about spaces in the heart and what you use to fill them.

It was a real treat to have Jennie Knaggs do the lead vocal on this one. What a talent! If you like authentic rootsy Americana music, check out the project Jennie does with her husband Nick Schillace called Lac La Belle.  They're both uniquely talented multi-instrumentalists, singers and songwriters. 

Jennie Knaggs: Lead Vocal
George Stephen Kelly: Steel Guitar, Background Vocals
Joshua Ford: Acoustic Gutars
Jimmy David: Piano
Alex Lyon: Bass
Todd Glass Drums

Empty Spaces  

Empty spaces on your wall   
Memory traces at nightfall   
You hear voices echo down the hall   
Time has slowed down to a crawl   

Distant faces you recall   
Lonely places, you've seen them all   
And the summer has turned to fall   
Is there anyone you can call   

You are walking down to the river   
Just to watch it flow   
And when you look out your window   
Seems you've got a long way to go   

Empty spaces in your heart   
Lonely places, that's where you are   
You hear voices echo in the dark   
And the winter is about to start   

©George Stephen Kelly 2018   
Published by Ace Sleeve Music, BMI