George Kelly: Vocal, Guitar  
Bridgett Grace-Bailiff: Background Vocals  
Harvey Thompson: Background Vocals  
Mike Mackey: Guitar  
Bill Gaff: Piano  
Russ Miller: Saxophone, Flute  
Paul Finazzo: Bass  
Dave Taylor: drums  
Larry Fratangelo: Congas

Love Interest

They met for lunch on a business deal 
With no additional plans 
Talked some shop, finished the meal 
They said goodbye and shook hands 
He didn’t think he’d hear from her again 
Didn’t give it a chance 
Surprised she called him at work the next day 
Said she’d like to meet again 
She’s got some… 
Love Interest, it’s easy to see 
Love Interest, dress cut above the knee 
Love Interest, took him by surprise 
Love Interest, gave him a rise 
Next thing he knew it was dinner for two 
Unknown to his significant other 
He tried to tell her he was spoken for 
But one thing led to another 
After dinner there was dessert 
For which she had a room 
He stumbled blindly down the path she made 
Under the light of the moon 
He’s her love interest 
She’s his love interest 
It’s possible that it was caused by astrological signs 
It gets expensive when worlds collide 
No money down on her attention 
A buy now pay later situation 
He doesn’t know what to do with her now 
Doesn’t know what to say 
Wishes he could fix it but he doesn’t know how 
He know he’s gonna have to pay 
Every dime of that… 
Love Interest, the rate is too steep 
Love Interest, debt’s getting deep 
Love Interest, for some on the side 
Love Interest, he’s high and dry 
Love Interest, cause of mutual fun 
Love Interest, he’s on the run 
Love Interest, can’t pay the vig 
Love Interest, it’s much too big 

℗© George S. Kelly 2003 

Published by Ace Sleeve Music BMI 2003