Songs & Stories

These days everyone seems to agree that content is king when it comes to putting a website together. I suppose that also means that it would be helpful if said content is interesting. I surmise also that in these times of TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) and Twitter sized attention spans, that it should be succinct. 

This section is loosely based on the section in American Songwriter magazine called Behind the Song, which by the way is a great place to discover some of the more obscure histories, motives and circumstances behind a lot of great songs. I figure if I do this I'll be ready when they call me to get the lowdown. Or just in case they don't.

So I've included who played on the tunes, some of the original demos, and in some cases multiple versions of the same song, a virtual smorgasbord of interesting content. There’s a story behind every song, and those are included too.

It’s a long, sometimes arduous process to write, record and produce a song it before turning it loose on the world. You end up with a CD that’s got around ten songs on it, usually with less than an hour’s worth of listening time. It is an incredible amount of time taken to produce something so small.

Hope you enjoy the songs and the stories and that nothing falls into the TL;DR  category.