"A fine slide guitarist, Kelly is also a careful and literate songwriter, somewhat in the John Hiatt vein... an artist and writer to watch." 
All Music Review by Steve Leggett   

"A wordy tunesmith who sometimes cuts to the heart of his material with a single line..." 
Tom Hyslop, Bues Revue: The World’s Blues Magazine

New Album Coming in December 2023

Grafton, MA 1960

 A new album, Dimmer Glimmer, is due out in December 2023. It is a collection which includes six Rolling Stones covers that were recorded as a eulogy of sorts for my brother Chris (CP) Kelly, pictured in the accompanying photo (the older guy). We were the Stones aficionados in the family, so with his passing, the glimmer became dimmer.   

The Stones tunes were coincidentally recorded the day after Charlie Watts died, a live session with drummer Todd Glass (a major Watts devotee himself) and bassist John Barron, with Motor City Josh engineering. Evan Mercer overdubbed a few piano parts to complete the project.

Here's a sneak preview:
Salt of the Earth

The Music

A great bunch of guys