Bad Whiskey

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George Stephen Kelly: Vocal, Acoustic, Rhythm & Lead Guitars 
Michael Jenkins: Rhythm Guitar 
Kevin Tubbs: Hammond Organ 
Ryland Kelly: Bass 
Antonio Johnson: Drums​


Michael Jenkins

Kevin Tubbs

Behind the Song

I wrote this when I was about twenty years old, and it pretty much stayed the same ever since. Addiction of any kind should be easily relatable these days, though I myself have been free of drugs and alcohol for 29 years. 

I'd say this is mostly Ray Charles' influence. Around that time I spent an awful lot of time listening to Ray Charles: A Man and His Soul,  a favorite album by the High Priest of Soul.

Bad Whiskey

Another fifth of liquor, alcohol over again 
Soothe my great woe and sorrow 
Pass me another bottle of gin 
I say there ain’t nothin’ worse than that bad, bad whiskey 
Just look at the shape I’m in 

It’s been such a long time since I saw anything straight 
Lord knows I can’t stop it, 
It’s much too late 
It’s that bad, bad bad whiskey 
That’s got me feelin’ this way 

Too many downfalls on my face 
Seems there’s no way out now 
I can’t be saved 
Can’t be saved from that bad, bad bad whiskey 
It’s done dug me an early grave 

© George S. Kelly 2015 , Ace Sleeve Music

Ryland Kelly

Antonio Johnson