Just Because You're Paranoid

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George Stephen Kelly: Vocal, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar 
Ryland Kelly: Bass, Piano, Electric Guitar, Nylon String Guitar Solo 
Todd Glass: Drums, Percussion
Raye Williams, Background Vocals


Just Because You're Paranoid 

You can hear conspiratorial tones 
Subterfuge and innuendo 
Can’t tell your friends from your enemies 
Seems like they’re all in on the scheme 
Just because you’re paranoid 
Doesn’t mean they’re not
talking behind your back 
So many people to avoid, and
you’re always being tracked 

Can’t shake the feeling you were followed 
Feels like you might not be alone 
They got your IP address,
bugged your home 
Tracked the GPS on your phone 
Just because you’re paranoid 
Doesn’t mean that they’re
not out to get you 
Though evidence has been destroyed 
They still might be coming to arrest you 

Closed circuit TV monitors
your every move 
God only knows if you’re
gonna slip through 
Always under surveillance or so it seems 
Hard to distinguish real life
from your dreams 
Just because you’re paranoid 
Doesn’t mean they’re not
talking behind your back 
So many voices to avoid 
Even though you wear a tin foil hat 

You think you’re the
victor just don't forget 
You might be the victim 
you just don’t know it yet 
People’s motivations so hard to gauge 
They’re all players, the world is a stage 
Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you 
Sanity is null and void, and there is no one to protect you

©George S. Kelly  2015, Ace Sleeve Music BMI

Ryland Kelly

Ryland Kelly

Raye Williams & George

Todd Glass

When a tin foil hat is not enough

Behind the Song

This is one of those song ideas that was in the back of my mind for years, with numerous attempts and many verses written. Different ideas for chords and structure. Never anything definite.

I finally had to put something together when the date was set to record. We didn't end up keeping the original take, and had to schedule a separate session just for this song. 

Fortunately, I had the ace up my sleeve in Ryland Kelly, who plays many instruments well. He did the bass, piano, electric guitar and the nylon sting guitar solo . 

The idea of paranoia has been relevant throughout history, but maybe never more so than now. Edward Snowden anyone? 


As William S. Burroughs said:
“A paranoid is someone who
knows a little of what's going on...” 
"Sometimes paranoia's just
having all the facts."