My Forever, Your Always

​George Stephen Kelly: Vocals, Guitar
Motor City Josh: Guitar 
Chris Codish: Hammond Organ 
Marcus Elliot: Tenor Sax  
John Douglas: Trumpet
Alex Lyon: Bass 
Todd Glass: Drums


 My Forever, Your Always 
(George S. Kelly) 

​ I remember Baby when I first met you 
You were meant for me, that’s all I knew 
So I gave you everything that I had 
Promised to never, never ever leave you sad 
I wanted to be yours forever 
And for you to be mine always 

And we said all the things that lovers say 
And then it was not long
until our wedding day 
As the years went by,
we had our tests and trials 
But somehow our love survived,
oh these many miles 
And we stayed together 
Just like we vowed, always 

And you know girl, we’ve
been  together so long 
Our love’s been tested,
But I know it’s still strong 
And the rains descended
and the floods they came 
But they could not put
out our love’s flame 

Now girl it’s been so many years 
Closer than ever, there’s no bitter tears 
Tho’ there’s more leaves on the ground than there are on the tree 
We are fulfilling our love’s destiny 
I am yours forever and
you are mine always 
I am your forever and you are my always

©George S. Kelly  2015, Ace Sleeve Music BMI

Behind the Song

I wanted to write a song for/and or about my wife/soulmate of several decades. I don't remember exactly how the song went in its early stages, but I went up to the Sound Shop Studio to meet with Motor City Josh to work on it together and see what happened. 

We tried out several different approaches, and nothing seemed to really fall into place at the time.

When I went back home to work on it, it began to take shape as somewhat of a soul ballad, maybe something like the early days of Stax in Memphis. I was pleasantly surprised by how it evolved, but I was also concerned that it might be too close to Otis Redding's You Don't Miss Your Water, especially the horn parts. 

It turned out not to be that close after all, but songs in that style were a big influence on how it turned out..

I think it's the best song I have written all the way around. Every time I hear it I'm surprised that I actually wrote it. If only Otis were still around to sing it...

Josh & Alex

Todd Glass


Chris Codish

Marcus Elliot

John Douglas

Alex Lyon