1. Nice Ride
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Nice Ride

Limo ride home for the brand new bundle of joy
Yankee blueblood, bouncing baby boy
Parents say it’s only right
To ride in style on your first night
Expectations high for the newborn son
Ain’t it a shame that you’ll never be good enough

Cool stretch limousine, urban deluxe
Off to the prom, planning on good luck
It has to be exactly like she wants
That’s what you get from a divatante
She may be on or more likely off
Ain't it a shame they don't automatically come across

White wheeled limousine on the wedding day
Lavish reception, unpronounceable champagne
Sometimes you’re not sure what’s the point
Don’t put asunder that which God has joined
Turns out the marriage needs more than just a tweak
Ain't it a shame that the honeymoon's only a week

Rolls Royce limousine to the show
Life’s a breeze when you got the dough
Blondes and brunettes, aren’t they so well-toned
Scrilla’s no object in the frigid zone
Somebody somewhere said you reap what you sow
Ain't it a shame that what goes high must also must go low

Long black limousine to the grave
Final destination, or so they say
Hope they paid attention to the eulogy
Don’t know much about theology
Enjoy the ride from here to eternity
Ain't it a shame that you got no guarantee

© George S. Kelly 2015